Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Arm Ripping

Has some journo completely misunderstood what was said or has Prof Babbage been smoking the funny tobacco?

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) of the future may need advanced capabilities to allow it to "rip the arm off" any threatening Asian power, a new paper says.

That could include up to 400 advanced combat aircraft, 30 submarines, ballistic missile defence and an ability to conduct cyber-attack.

Study author Professor Ross Babbage said the primary challenge for the upcoming Defence White Paper was to shape Australia's security approach to around the year 2050.....

Theres no way we could afford or man so many jets and ships. Besides, we are part of the American alliance so that if things got that bad the Great Super Power can come to our aid. Does Babbage think the alliance will collapse?

Frankly, even if it did and we found ourselves alone in a hostile world we still wouldn't go for that level of military build up. We would go for a cheaper alternative, nukes.

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