Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rudd to bother the world

Apparently we are going to be an "activist" nation:
PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd wants Australia to be an "activist" middle power on the international stage, as he seeks to better integrate domestic and foreign policy for challenges ahead.

On the eve of his first major overseas tour, Mr Rudd has put forward a foreign policy agenda designed to help Australia deal more effectively with the uncertain global financial outlook, as well as problems such as climate change and terrorism.

The key priority of his 18-day tour of the US, Europe and China will be to engage political and financial leaders about the global credit crunch, looking at ways to cushion the impact on the domestic economy while prosecuting Australia's case as a stable and well-regulated financial market..

I'm concerned were this will lead us. What new treaties and agreements will we be signing on to? We will need to do more then attend gabfests so how much will this cost us?

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