Friday, March 7, 2008

The Man of Steel speaks

I wanted to blog something on John Howard's recent speech yesterday but it was so good I just didn't know were to start. If you got a few minutes have a read. Looks like a few months away from Canberra has cleared Howard's head.

I'm more socially liberal but he even provides an explanation for his social conservatism that I can't really disagree with:
Economic reform and change – inherent in globalisation – can involve dislocation for communities and individuals. The anxiety this brings cries aloud for consistency and reassurance in other aspects of people’s lives; the sense that not everything is changing.

What a contrast to Marise Payne's article, her solution to the Liberal's woes is to move them more so far left they might as well merge with Labor. According to Marise the Libs need to show more compassion. I'm reminded George Bush calls himself a compassionate conservative, which in practice means more government spending (not that Howard was all that tight fisted) and government interference.

Marise, if you make the Liberal Party a copy of Labor then why should I bother voting for you?

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