Friday, March 7, 2008

Monaro revived?

We just may see that classic Aussie muscle car the Monaro make a comeback and its flex fuel too.

The Holden Monaro has been born again – at least as a concept in the form of the radical Coupe 60 unveiled at the 2008 Melbourne motor show.

In an elaborate reveal in the year Holden is celebrating its 60th anniversary of local production – hence the Coupe 60 name – Holden pulled the covers of one of its most eagerly anticipated concept cars.

Holden stopped short of calling the Coupe 60 concept a Monaro but admits it is a hint that the legendary two-door Holden could make yet another comeback.

“It is production capable,” says GM Holden design boss Tony Stolfo of the Coupe 60. “But this is pure concept. Right now there’s no intention to go into production with this car.”....

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