Saturday, March 1, 2008

Rudd tells the intellectual left to get stuffed

Stiff cheese lefties, under the Rudd administration you can still forget about radical cultural or social change.

KEVIN Rudd has assured mainstream Australia he will avoid radical social and cultural change by resisting calls to broaden his reform agenda and by sticking to his election promises.

The Prime Minister warned that people had "elected the wrong guy" if they believed that once he was in power he would unveil a secret left-wing reform agenda or suddenly yield to pressure from sectional interests.

Calling for people to move beyond "the classical Right-Left divide", Mr Rudd said he had been upfront about his election promises and would focus on delivering them in full.

"There's nothing terribly complicated about me," Mr Rudd said.

"If you obtain the people's support, that's what you go ahead and do."
I also like this part, he seems to be considering privatizing government administration, something I have advocated for some time.

Mr Rudd, whose wife, Therese Rein, built a successful job-placement company by delivering Job Network services for the previous Howard government, said the quality of government service was more important than the delivery mechanism.

Citing the example of his election promise to lift indigenous life expectancy and literacy standards, Mr Rudd said: "It's not who provides services to indigenous communities, it's who most effectively provides those services to deliver what isthe agreed national set of policy outcomes.

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