Monday, April 28, 2008

Ballistic Missile Defence for Australia

Will Australia need a Ballistic Missile Defence? Abraham Gubler thinks we may might:
Quite simply the success of BMD and that its being fielded elsewhere has propelled Australia to the top of the target list because it is conceivable that the American leadership would not sacrifice a Australian city in order to use military force against North Korea or Iran. Or at least it would be worth testing for a desperate regime; Darwin as a warning, Brisbane as the punishment?
Thats something I haven't thought of, we may end up a proxy nuclear target. I think this just improves the case for the ADF to lead the Australian Space industry. Ballistic Missiles are rockets and we don't have many skilled rocketeers in Australia. We wouldn't be able to develop our own systems and would have to rely on American help. Now, using US systems would probably be the way to go but it would be sensible to have a core group of skilled people just in case we found ourselves alone. Same reason we keep Lucas Heights going, just in case we need to build the bomb.

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