Monday, April 28, 2008

Rest in Peace Lance Corporal

Thank you for your service to Australia Lance Corporal Jason Marks.

Twenty-seven-year-old commando Lance Corporal Jason Marks died overnight in a battle between his patrol and Taliban insurgents in southern Afghanistan, as melting snow heralded the start of the annual "fighting season''.

He was the fourth Australian soldier, and second commando, killed in Afghanistan in just over six months.

Four other commandos were wounded in the same action, but it's believed none suffered life-threatening injuries.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd today warned there would be more casualties to come.

"We are facing a change of season, as the winter snows melt and the spring thaw begins, which usually indicates a heightening in military activity on the part of the Taliban and al-Qaeda,'' Mr Rudd said.

"Therefore, 2008 will be difficult and dangerous and bloody, and the Australian nation needs to prepare itself for further losses in the year ahead.''......

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