Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Burn the non believers

Dr James Hansen wants to prosecute global warming non believers. Apparently oil companies are funding the heresy. I wonder how much oil money Andrew Bolt gets? Can I get some? I'll be happy with a petrol discount. Hansen is a typical leftest. don't agree with someone so shut them up.

This is just bad science. You don't do science in a court room, or in a government committee. Science is based on experimentation and observation. In science skepticism is a virtue because if you don't question results there can be no progress. Even the most fundamental scientific laws such as gravity, are fair game, let alone something as complex and poorly understood as climate.

When a scientist starts advocating renewable fuels, carbon taxes etc. they are doing policy, not science. They therefore have the face the same sort of political debate any politician is subjected too. If Dr Hansen doesn't like it , tough.

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