Sunday, June 22, 2008

Liberal leadership

Prime Minister Rudd is working his cabinet like a drover dog but is not producing much. Even his own people realise fear that the government has no real agenda. In such a situation the opposition should be able to erode the government's support. They can set their own agenda and have the government respond to them rather then the other way around. Indeed the Nelson opposition did just that with their 5 cent fuel excise tax cut proposal. Unfortunately for them it has had bugger all benefit to their poll numbers.

So it appears Nelson's days as leader are numbered. To me he seemed a capable, hardworking man, a was a good defence minister, but he just doesn't cut it with the public. So lets look at the alternatives.

Malcolm Turnbull: Highly capable, very ambitious and likes tax cuts, but will the westie mortgage belters buy him? I'm doubtful, seems far to trendy to me. Besides a minor twitch to the left in his seat and his gone.

Tony Abbott: Seems to have Howard's cultural and social conservatism but has been more liberal then the government lately, he has spoken up against the binge drinking hysteria. But he keeps acting like a boofhead.

Peter Costello: He had his chance, if he had it in him he would be leader now. The best thing he can do is leave parliament.

Joe Hockey: Blank. What does he believe in?

Not much of a field is it?

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