Friday, July 18, 2008

British surveillance

Whats going on in Britain ? The mother country of the freedom loving Angolosphere is degenerating into a police state:
PLANS for a massive database snooping on the entire population of the UK have been condemned as a "step too far for the British way of life".

The Government has proposed to record every phone call, email, text message, internet search and online purchase in the fight against terrorism and other serious crime.

The privacy watchdog, Information Commissioner Richard Thomas, said the public's traditional freedoms were under serious threat from creeping state surveillance.

Apart from the Government's inability to hold data securely, he said the proposals raised "grave questions".

"Do the risks we face provide justification for such a scheme in the first place? Do we want the state to have details of more and more aspects of our private lives?" he asked. "Whatever the benefits, would such a scheme amount to excessive surveillance? Would this be a step too far for the British way of life?"...

Dear God, I hope we will never see government snooping like that here.

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