Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Apparently Australians have problems with turban wearers.
A MUSLIM-style turban is seen as a threat by the average Australian, even to those who think they are free from racial prejudice, psychologists have found.

A study of university students playing a computerised shoot 'em up game has revealed strong stereotyped bias against Muslim-looking people.

Innocent figures in the game were more likely to be shot at if they were wearing turbans or hijabs, the University of New South Wales researchers said....

This study was done with a total of 66 people hardly a large sample but what really got me was the photo used in the story. The fellow is clearly a Sikh not a Muslim!

Heres what a Muslim turban looks like:

Thats US Presidential Democratic candidate Barrak Obama visiting Kenya.

UPDATE: Someone at News Limited realized their error and changed the photo.

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