Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I'm with Charles

Andrew Bolt has been criticizing Prince Charles for converting his Aston-Martin to alcohol. Ethanol made from surplus wine:
In true regal fashion, Charles' beloved Aston Martin is now running on ethanol fuel made from English wine.

"Charles only travelled two or three hundred miles a year in the Aston but he wanted it to be environmentally friendly," the Daily Mail reported the Prince's chief aide Sir Michael Peat as saying.

"It just happened that our bioethanol supplier makes the fuel from surplus English wine."

Considering his overall energy usage claiming a 12.5% reduction in his carbon emissions is a bit much but I'm with the Prince. The surplus wine would have been wasted if not used. Of course theres the question as to why the extra wine was produced in the first place. Europe's agricultural subsidies may be responsible but thats another matter. Prince Charles should be commended for promoting alternative fuels and help break OPEC.

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