Monday, June 30, 2008

Fighting Joel

What. A. Suckup. Have a read of this Age article on our Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon. How many beers did Fitzgibbon have to buy Paul Daley for such a puff piece? But its good to know we have such a highly qualified Minister:

Fast forward and enter Joel Fitzgibbon, a no-bullshit former auto-electrician from Cessnock in country NSW. He has a turn of phrase that could make Belinda Neal blush — the product, perhaps, of knocking about with tradies, cock-fighting through the NSW Labor Right and playing first-grade rugby for the Cessnock Goannas.

Fitzgibbon spent the first few months of his tenure bagging Brendan Nelson and the Liberals for ordering the Super Hornets. Then completely changed his tune when the RAAF explained to him what the aircraft could actually do. Surely Kevin Rudd can find someone better.

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