Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ohh dear, Prince Charles is going to be our king?

I'm a proud monarchist, but if Charles keeps this up I might jump ship. Have a read of his lefty rant. Here are a few highlights:
The first is urgency. There is now only a mercifully small (if vociferous) number of people who do not accept the science of climate change and who should know better, but there are still a great many who fail to recognise the urgency of the situation........
In our human-centred world, with its emphasis on economics, and following decades of apparently unending material "progress", it has become all too easy for us to believe that we can continue to take what we wish from natural systems on the assumption they will indefinitely replenish themselves. As we are discovering, in the real world it doesn't quite work like that.....
Thanks to twitter James Patterson for the news.

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