Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Passion! The Passion!

The agreement between the Libs and the Nats is certainly a cause for passion:

Liberal MP Alby Schultz has just got into a physical fight with one his colleagues, frontbencher Chris Pearce, during a heated exchange in this morning’s Liberal Party Room meeting in Canberra.

Schultz, whose hatred of the National Party knows no bounds and once said that he’d “slaughtered better animals” than Barnaby Joyce, was at the centre of a fiery argument among MPs about three-cornered contests where Libs and National candidates run against each other.

Schultz became so angry during this morning’s debate that he stormed out of the meeting and, as he left, fellow Liberal Chris Pearce quipped “have a nice day” - at which point Schultz turned and shirt-fronted him. Apparently three MPs had to restrain Mr Schultz. ...

Don't be surprised to read of more passionate outbursts.

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