Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bogans for ever!

David Bolger the member for Granville believes the humble westie bogan is facing extinction.:

IT'S the end of the bogan.

Million-dollar properties, six-figure jobs and an influx of university-educated residents have changed the face of Australia' s bogan capital - Sydney's western suburbs.

The demographics have shifted so much in recent months, the Minister for Western Sydney, David Borger, has declared that the bogan is dead and buried.

He says the days of flannelette shirts and busted up utes blaring AC/DC are over and the image of a westie guzzling beer in their mate's Monaro was just plain wrong.

Clearly Mr Bolger needs to leave his Macquarrie Street office more often and come out to the area he is supposed to serve. He can be assured us bogans are alive and well.

Long live the bogan!

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