Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Green jobs =less jobs

Terry McCrann has been looking at a Spanish study into alternative energy and has confirmed what critics have been saying - expensive green energy means less jobs not more.

The analysis has two major conclusions.

That for every 'green job' the state manages to finance, at least 2.2 jobs are lost elsewhere in the economy. And that does not count the extra jobs that could have been created if the money poured into wind and solar had been spent elsewhere.

That's the second point the huge waste of money. For the study calculates that since 2000, Spain has spent 571,000 ($A1 million) to create each 'green job' including subsidies of more than 1 million per wind industry job.

Indeed, it goes on to discover that the whole process has created a surprisingly low number of jobs two-thirds of which came in construction, fabrication and installation.

One-quarter were in administrative positions just one in 10 jobs had been created at the permanent level of actual operation and maintenance of the renewable sources of energy.

As i have always said if the government was serious about lowering carbon emissions they would allow nuclear power to be a serious option. Windmills and sunbeams just can't do the job.

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