Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Liberal Rabble

Julie Bishop says the bleeding obvious:

DEPUTY Liberal leader Julie Bishop has told colleagues they were behaving like a "rabble" and were to blame for the Coalition's poor performance in opinion polls.

The Coalition leadership team served the joint party room meeting some home truths after the latest Newspoll showed it would have resoundingly lost an election held last weekend.

The Newspoll, published in The Australian today, showed Labor would have won in a landslide, picking up 59 per cent of the two-party preferred vote to the Coalition's 41 per cent.

Turnbull talks unity too:
"The public isn't interested in listening to us talk about ourselves," he told the joint party meeting.

While the Coalition was in power twelve odd years it mustn't be forgotten that Labor was in disarray as well and lost election after election. It's the Coalition turn now in opposit...

"They want to hear about issues of interest to them."

He reminded MPs and senators that disunity could be particularly dangerous during looming by-elections in the seats of Higgins and Bradfield, brought about by the recent resignations of Peter Costello and Brendan Nelson, respectively.

There was no such thing as a safe seat, particularly at a by-election, he told the party room.

He stressed the importance of "unity" given the approaching by-elections, expected to be held at the end of November

If the rabble doesn't come to order they are facing disaster.

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