Thursday, October 15, 2009

Malcolm Turnbull stands up for freedom

Malcolm Turnbull recently gave an important speech in London. Here is some of what he said:
In my view, now more than ever, political leaders of the centre right must stand up for freedom. Today, more than ever, we need to safeguard the spirit of independence, self-reliance and enterprise so critical to the long-term prosperity and security of our peoples.

We must stand up for a view of society which says government’s role is to enable each and every citizen to do their best, to realise their dreams, to start their businesses, to buy their homes, to choose where to send their children to school. That is the golden thread of freedom that defines what it is to live in a liberal democracy such as ours – the principle that, to the greatest extent possible, people should be able to rule their own lives.

Now in all of this, the best governments will be those that understand and accept the limits of their power; not those that seek to dictate from on high how business should be run, how society should be structured, which companies stand or fall, and how individuals should run their lives.

In my view, it is critical that parties of the centre-right not to be spooked or intimidated by the sense of crisis into a greater tolerance, let alone acceptance, of the notion of government intrusion into economic activity that is best left to the private sector or for heavy-handed and often counterproductive interference in the operation of markets.

Its worth reading. but practical people want to see actions not just hear  words.

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