Sunday, November 28, 2010

Liberals shaft the Greens

ain't nobody humpin' aroundImage by mugley via FlickrThe Victorian Liberals had the good sense not to preference the Greens. The result was the Greens didn't get the seats they were hoping for:

FEDERAL Greens leader Bob Brown tried to put a brave face on his party's poor showing in the Victorian election.

Dr Brown said today that the Greens had increased their vote across Victoria, but the Liberal Party's decision to preference Labor ahead of the Greens had cost his party three inner city seats.

"Had the Greens picked up those three seats the Liberals would be in a much stronger position to claim a moral authority at least to government," he said.
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I hope other states follow the Victorians Liberals. The Labor Party are our fellow Australians who we disagree with. Te Greens are the Spawn Of Satan.

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