Sunday, December 12, 2010

Retiring Labor MP slams Lebanese Muslim Association

The Member for Bankstown,  Labors' Tony Stewart, has been criticizing Muslim groups in his electorate:

Mr Stewart used his final speech to State Parliament to slam the Lakemba-based LMA and its chairman Samier Dandan, claiming Dandan wanted Muslims to be "recognised and treated differently" to other Australians because of their faith.

"To use religious background as a political focus is a backward and medieval approach," he said.
Mr Stewart said he was responding to reports Mr Dandan had told more than 5000 Muslims at its November Eid al-Adha festival Muslim people should have their say, and the LMA planned to run candidates in a number of seats, including Bankstown, at the March election.

"If there is any marginalisation of Australian Muslims, it is occurring because of people who seem to be suffering from a siege mentality syndrome," he told parliament. Mr Stewart said government in Australia had always represented the community rather than religious faiths.

It might have been more useful for him to attack the MLA while he was still a minister but I suppose he was too busy hanging around with strippers. The Labor Party is far to dependent on these ethnic groups.

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