Sunday, December 12, 2010

Kristina Keneally (OH-D) wants a US style election

My picture of Premier Kristina Keneally, I hap...Image via WikipediaApparently our Premier Kristina Keneally (OH-D) thinks she can win the next election by turning it into a US style competition between her and Barry O'Farrell.

KRISTINA KENEALLY   wants to force a presidential-style election, focusing the minds of voters on a choice between two leaders.

Drastically behind in the polls and with a scandal-prone team lacking credibility, Labor strategists have urged the Premier to try to frame the election as ''brand Kristina'' against ''brand Barry''...
Animosity between the pair has intensified markedly since the final question time of Parliament, when Mr O'Farrell presented her with a copy of The Little Aussie Fact Book, suggesting she still had much to learn about her adopted country.

''It was a juvenile joke that had no context and seemed to have no intent other than to make the point that I wasn't born in Australia,'' Ms Keneally told The Sun-Herald.

''I think it's hypocritical to address multicultural groups weekend after weekend, saying he values the contribution of migrants to this country but then to allow his backbench and himself to act in another way in the Parliament.

So you complain that Barry is drawing attention to your lack of understanding of Australian culture yet you want to run some sort of US governor race. I don't think that is going to work
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