Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Can politicians be trusted?

Australians don't seem to think so but interestingly they believe the Liberals have more integrity. I think men like Abbott and O'Farrell  have something to do with that.

Labor or Liberal? We don't want either latest polling shows

Australia Politics
Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard may be all smiles, but latest polling reveals voters don't really trust either party. Picture: AP
  • Voters believe Labor, Libs will do anything to win
  • Poll shows voters looking more favourably on Libs
  • Rudd's removal, minority government not popular
VOTERS are re-appraising the Liberals and growing more hostile towards Labor after a year of dramatic changes in the way we view our two major political parties.
A majority of voters still believe both parties will do anything to win, and that both have lost touch with ordinary people.
However, an Essential Report survey released today also found voters are looking significantly more favourably on the Liberals, as they intensify their criticisms of the ALP.
And the cause of the switch appear to be the brutal removal of Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister in June last year, and the actions of the minority Government after the inconclusive election of last August.
There has been a collapse in the regard for Labor's leadership and unity over the past 12 months, and an increasing number of voters are losing faith in Labor's integrity, the polling shows.
The proportion of voters who thought Labor had a good team of leaders fell from 52 per cent in March last year to 34 per cent today.

The rating of the Liberal leadership had a modest improvement from 34 per cent to 40 per cent.
A year ago, 63 per cent said Labor would promise to do anything to win a vote. Today, that has jumped to 72 per cent of voters.

The Liberal rating on this question went in the other direction, falling from 72 per cent last year to 65 per cent today.

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