Monday, April 25, 2011

No Republic

Looks like we won't be having a republic any time soon. good to hear!

Support for Australian republic at lowest level in 17 years


    The Queen and Prince Philip have the public on side but same can't be said for their son or grandson. Picture:AP Source: AP 

    SUPPORT for an Australian republic is at its lowest level since the mid-1990s as growing ambivalence on the need for a home-grown head of state saps the nation's will for constitutional change. 

    With renewed interest in the monarchy as the royal wedding approaches, a special Newspoll puts support for a republic at just 41 per cent, with only 25 per cent strongly in favour.
    According to the poll, conducted exclusively for The Australian this month, overall support for a republic is now 10 points below a pre-referendum peak of 51 per cent, and at its lowest for 17 years since hitting 39 per cent in March 1994.
    The latest poll reveals 39 per cent of Australians are against a republic, while one in five have no opinion either way.

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