Sunday, April 17, 2011

Its good to see such adult behavior in our hospitals

A GRUDGE turned into an all-out brawl when a female doctor punched and struck a colleague in the head with a tray at one of Sydney's major hospitals.
athologist Dr Ushma Samaraweera was sacked over the fight at Prince of Wales Hospital during which she called fellow doctor Sue Fredericks a "f ... ing bitch".
The punch-up was detailed in the Industrial Relations Commission where Dr Samaraweera alleged she was unfairly dismissed. She failed to win her job back.
Tensions between the two women had been simmering for more than a year over work loads and they were not on speaking terms when they bumped into each other in the pathology unit.
Despite her 17cm height disadvantage, Dr Samaraweera used a "cricket bowl action" as she broke a document tray while trying to hit Dr Fredericks in the head, the commission heard.


  1. :oD Yes, very adult indeed, but this is the least of what happens in that department- glad I got out!!!

  2. G'day,

    We really do need to fix up the management of hospitals. Hopefully Jillian Skinner's reform will improve things.

  3. I knew Ushma when she visited Sri Lanka.
    She was a calm and collected person.
    I am sorry to hear what has happened to her