Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Julia slipping

Julia GillardImage via WikipediaTony Abbott's attacks on the Government's carbon tax are having an effect. The Liberals now have a 10 point lead over Labor and Julia Gillard.:

After a fortnight that has seen Labor decimated in the New South Wales state election and Prime Minister Julia Gillard intensifying her criticism of the Greens, the Coalition has seized a two-party preferred lead of 55 to 45 per cent.

It's a sharp turnaround from Labor's 51-49 per cent lead a fortnight ago but almost the same as the Coalition lead of 54-46 a month ago.

It suggests either voters are highly volatile or the Newspoll a fortnight ago may have been a rogue poll.

In primary vote terms, today's Newspoll says Labor is at 32 per cent, down 4 points in a fortnight. A month ago Labor hit a record low 30 per cent.

If this keeps up we could have a new Prime Minister in a few months.
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