Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Why I'm not paying much attention to media reports of the Japanese Nuclear disaster

On March 13th I posted the article below  on my Facebook page.  As of today no member of the public has been killed by the nuclear disaster. However 20,000 have been killed by the tsunami and earth quake.


I think this is very much the case when all mass media reports on the problems at Fukushima Daiichi reactors need to be treated with caution. Remember:

1) The area has been through a massive natural disasters. The  normal lines of communication are no longer  there.

2) Few of the English speaking reporters know Japanese,  thats going to be a big handicap

3) Few have the necessary technical training to understand the issues

4) The people who actually know whats going on will be working flat out to get the reactors under control not talking to journalists.

So its not surprising we had one TV reporter who was sent there admitting she had no idea whats going on. But they are over there and are paid to get the Story. So a Story we will get, how factual that Story will be is another matter.

Personally, I'm paying little attention to news reports. What I am following are specialist sites like


And  blogs by people with years of  hand on experience in the nuclear industry including the operation of reactors.


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